Review Simulation

Reflecting on the learning objectives for this simulated encounter, how did Dr. Roberts and their clinic

 Was there anything that the staff or Dr. Roberts could have done to help Jim feel more welcome
and comfortable as a new patient?

  1. Demonstrate communication strategies to best meet the needs of the patient, seeking out
    and implementing resources, including interpreter services, to communicate effectively.
  2. Respond competently to the patient’s language, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender
    identity and expression, health literacy, and other cultural identities. Demonstrate awareness of
    intersecting marginalized identities.

    1. Recognize and mitigate implicit biases when working with Deaf and hard of hearing
    2. Use clear language and patient handouts that are at an appropriate level of health literacy
      when communicating with patients.
    3. Promote the health and function of the patient by encouraging healthy behaviors (weight
      management, exercise, diet, smoking cessation, etc.).
  3. Assess the social environment of the patient to understand the impact of significant
    relationships and social networks on the health outcomes of the patient.